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What is Satin Fetish
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A satin fetish simply means that you find the sight or feel of satin or silk fabrics erotic. It's quite common, for both men and women to enjoy the feel of satin on their skin. It also looks beautiful, the way the fabric shines in the light. It even sounds great - try rustling a long satin skirt close to your ear! Satin is an interesting fabric, that invokes thoughts of luxury and power. Historically, only the wealthy could afford silk, and to this day is still associated with power - although generally speaking our society frowns on men wearing silk or satin, and it has become primarily a female fabric.

Satin fetishism is a sexual fetish or kink which causes people to become aroused by the look or feel of satin fabrics and garments or by people wearing shiny fabrics like satin. Most satin fetishists are heterosexual men, however, some females enjoy wearing and modeling satin garments. Some men also indulge in cross-dressing to satisfy their satin fetish. Some men might not be into cross-dressing as such, but like the feel of satin against their skin, whether it's a borrowed skirt or a pair of silk boxers. Some men indulge in "frottage" with satin, wearing for example satin underwear and masturbating with another piece of satin, e.g. a pleated satin skirt is highly recommended.

Generally, a satin fetishist directs their interest towards someone wearing satin clothes. However, satin fetishism can also be directed towards the satin clothing or fabric itself. Many of these satin fetishists collect satin garments and fabrics to wear and use for their own arousal.

www.Lovesatin.com is for satin lovers everywhere. We aim to bring you cute amateur models in satin clothing. Sometimes they wear satin blouses and satin skirts, dressed like a sexy secretary in the office. Sometimes they go for a more classic 1950s style satin dress. In other updates, you'll see models jiggling their breasts seductively under a satin blouse - with no bra. Sometimes our girls are wearing sexy satin lingerie. It's almost a shame for them to take it off.

Lovesatin.com is for the true satin fetishist who loves seeing beautiful women in silk and satin clothing. But we appreciate other shiny fetish outfits too, like PVC catsuits for example, very sexy! We have a mixture of photographs and videos, all exclusive content available nowhere else. So sign up now, we're adding new content all the time!

The satin fetish relates to other fetishes, such as a desire for a dominant, or indeed submissive female. This can be considered in the context of different fetish stereotypes such as the "sexy secretary", or the "school mistress".

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From all at www.LoveSatin.com, we understand your fetish and want to provide you with the best content.

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